Futures Comparison Widget Demo

This is a demo of our futures comparison widget! It allows users to compare both player & team futures for the Big 4 as well as College Basketball & Football across all of the major sportsbooks.

Some key features of our widget include:

  • You pick the books and set your own affiliate codes! Using our widget dashboard, you can control which books are shown, the order in which they display and the affiliate url to send users to when they click an odd.
  • Set the default league and optionally hide the league drop down altogether.
  • Locates the user's IP address and defaults to their state. Additionally, you can override the state and choose to hide the state drop down.
  • The WORLD option for state show alls available sportsbooks that you configure using the widget dashboard.
  • Ability to default the future shown and hide the drop down (dependent on league i.e. To Make the Playoffs)
  • Ability to default the market shown (dependent on future i.e. ATL Falcons: To Make the Playoffs)
  • Fully responsive – test it out!