SportsDataIO Swagger / OpenAPI

Public Beta

These swagger files are made available to the public for beta testing. If you discover any issues, please email our support team at

If you're interested in testing out the SportsDataIO Sports API, and you don't have an active subscription, please sign up for a free trial API key. If you'd like a custom proposal w/ pricing, please contact our sales team.

Why Swagger?

At FantasyData, we took the initiative to provide swagger files for the convenience of our clients. There are several advantages of this, with Swagger being an open web standard.

Advantages of Swagger

  • Developers can automatically generated client SDKs for consuming APIs that support Swagger.
  • In the Swagger definition files, API operations are mapped to their respective return types.
  • For many seasoned web developers, there will be no learning curve to understanding Swagger, since it's an open standard.

Swagger Code Generation

The biggest advantage is that because Swagger is standardized, you won't need to start from scratch when integrating with our APIs. There are a wide array of code-generation tools that are built on Swagger / OpenAPI. We've scoured the web and found a few that clients may want to take a look at.

Swagger File Downloads

Each of our APIs has a corresponding swagger file, which can be downloaded at the links below. Alternatively, you can download a zip file containing every swagger file.

Download Swagger Zip File