The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More
The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More

Leagues & Teams

SportsDataIO's unique combination of content feeds and products allows us to offer custom-tailored industry solutions for leagues and teams. From projected player performance to deep advanced player metrics, the possibilities are endless.

Drive In-Venue Sponsorship
Driving new revenue with real-time data
Your audience is constantly looking to consume content alongside watching the action on the field. SportsDataIO’s data provides the unique opportunity for teams and leagues to create data-driven sponsorship opportunities around scoreboards, digital signage, and more.
Out of town scores
Current game stats and player performance
Custom fan engagement experiences
Enhance Player Evaluation
Uncover data driven insights
SportsDataIO's historical data and predictive analytics provide valuable tools for player evaluation, helping teams make better decisions on player personnel and improve their chances of success on the field or court.
BAKER analyzes players at the game, season and career level to grade future performance, measure overall value, and determine the best matchups for success
Utilize historical data to assess player performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions when drafting or signing players
Discover insights that raw game statistics cannot immediately uncover
Ensure transparency and fairness for the game
Our real-time sports data  and aggregated odds service  helps power US Integrity’s suite of tools for leagues and operators, helping flag potential issues before and during the game.

Stay ahead of the competition!

From start-ups to enterprise organizations, SportsDataIO's suite of products are helping companies and industries around the world.