BAKER Predictive Engine

BAKER Predictive Engine

SportsDataIO's BAKER Engine simulates every game 10,000 times down to the play level, providing outputs that cover a full range of probabilistic outcomes. Combined with BAKER's Advanced Query API, users of BAKER Engine can ask and receive answers to practically any question about a future outcome right down to the game level. For full information on BAKER's capabilities, see our product page here.

There are two main ways to leverage the power of the BAKER Engine:

Pre-Defined Endpoints

For each of the Big Three US sports, we offer pre-packaged endpoints to give you the topline information from our simulations. These include:

  • Game Projections: Simply enter a Game ID and receive the top-line projections, such as winning team, each team's scores, the O/U, the spread, and team stats (e.g. rushing yards for football), based on an average outcome of our 10,000 simulations.
  • Player Projections: Average outcomes right down to the player level, such as a QB's passing yards or a defending team's sacks.

    You can further call these by a single stat for an ordered list for an entire day or week to discover the projected stat leaders (e.g. best ERA for the day in MLB.)

BAKER Advanced Query Engine

The true power of the engine is unleashed with our Advanced Query option. Here, with some simple code, you can ask any question, such as:

  • How many passing yards will Patrick Mahomes manage if SF manage one or fewer sacks?
  • What will Louie Varland's ERA be if BAL manage exactly eight hits?
  • What would a histogram look like for Javonte Green (CHI)'s offensive rebounds through the fourth quarter if Jalen Brunson (NY) records no defensive rebounds through the fourth quarter?
  • With the Advanced Query engine you can even turn it around and ask for a probability:

    • What is the probability of Travis Kelce going over 100 receiving yards against SF?
    • What percentage chance is there that the game spread is larger than -3.5 in the Super Bowl?

Ready to get started? The BAKER Demo is ready to give you limited access to ask the Advanced Query Engine what you need to know. Simply sign up for the BAKER Demo to get started, and feel free to contact us with any questions.