The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More
The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More

API Replay

Below you will find a series of API recording packages. Each of these packages contains a set of endpoints that were recorded at different intervals for the duration that package (i.e. NFL Week 1, NBA Playoffs, etc). The endpoints recorded will differ by league, but they will provide you with the ability to test your application or integration off of real endpoints, delivering real data that was returned by our production API at the time of the recording.

Once you've decided on which recording package you'd like to test with, go ahead and schedule a custom replay. Once scheduled, you'll be provided with an API key to test with. Your custom replay will start at the time you choose and run for the exact same duration as the recording package. Whenever you hit an endpoint, we'll figure out how much time has elapsed in your replay, add that to when the recording started and return to you the point in time payload that was returned by our production API.

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Click on any given package for a detailed overview about that package, its recorded endpoints and their intervals.