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Sports Data: Schedules, Scores & Stats

We provide real-time updates for all the action on the field, plus all the extra pre-game, post-game and league data that's available for capture.

  • Live Scores, Stats & Play by Play
  • Rosters, Lineups & Depth Charts
  • Season & Career Stats
  • Schedules & Standings
  • Injury Reports
  • Game State with Game Clock

Coverage of a league starts in the offseason and doesn't end until after a champion is crowned. Our content provides all the game data and surrounding league coverage that offers an unlimited number of use-cases to a wide array of industries and technologies.

Game Feeds

Our data coverage centers around the collection of game data. We provide real-time updates of every stat and every play that is made.

Game Day Info
Live & Final Scores
Game State
Team & Player Stats (Box Scores)
Play by Play

League Feeds

Our league feed provides all the supporting data from around the league to build a database and keep things organized.

Depth Charts

Stats Feeds

Stats are provided at the game level within our Game Feeds, with additional stats available within our Stats Feeds.

Advanced Metrics
Spit Stats
Career Stats
Season Stats

Injury Feeds

Our injury feeds are updated around the clock and provide information such as type of injury, body part, and expected return.

Check out our coverage overview for full details!

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