SportsDataIO's Widgets

SportsDataIO's widgets for gaming brands & affiliates are responsive assets that render on the fly for both web and mobile. Simply add a few lines of Javascript and they're live.

  • responsive for web & mobile
  • link/sportsbook management tools
  • built in IP/location detection
  • reporting and analytics

Gone are the days of iframes that look out of place and result in scroll bars. SportsDataIO widgets offer clients a shortcut by deploying elegant and responsive web & mobile assets directly to their pages with just a few lines of javascript. Control over layout, colors, sorting and more ensure seamless integration with your pages for a natural user experience. And our back-end suite of management tools allows clients to insert affiliate links and run reports.


User IP detection for correct odds & offers per state
Affiliate link management tools
Responsive for web & mobile web and within native mobile apps
Customize colors, layout and display
Powered by our Aggregated Odds Service data feed
Completely Customizable
Sportsbook display, order & layout
Logos & Headshots
Optional Analytics: Ticket split % & Previous Results
...and much more!


Our Betting Tools deploy across the entire page, allowing customers an instant solution for their brands to offer users robust functionality

Prop Finder (demo) - allows users to search for players, teams and games to find all available betting markets on offer in the U.S.
Bet Tracker (demo) - allows users to see their bet history and performance for selected U.S. based sportsbooks.
Odds Comparison (demo) - all available game odds across legal states
Futures Comparison (demo) - all available futures markets across legal states
Match-up Page (coming soon) - fully contained and interactive set of content pages including available odds, line movement, trends, splits, history ATS, injuries, weather, and more

For Publishers

Our Widgets for Publishers offer teams the ability to drop odds & offers directly into their articles via any CMS, with line movement updates in real-time as prices change before and during games

Game Odds - displays spread, moneyline, and totals
Single Sportsbook - game odds available from a single sportsbook
Multi-Sportsbook: Best Odds (demo) - returns the best odds for a game across the sportsbooks configured by the publisher
Multi-Sportsbook: Odds Comparison (demo) - returns all available odds for a game across the sportsbooks configured by the publisher
Player Props (demo) - displays available prop odds (up to three) for a given player
Odds Comparsison Widget
Futures Comparsison Widget
Single Game Odds & Odds Comparison
Prop Finder Widget
Player Props Widget
Bet Tracker Widget

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From start-ups to enterprise organizations, SportsDataIO's suite of products are helping companies and industries the world over.