The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More
The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More

Betting Brands & Affiliates

Betting brands and affiliates utilize SportsDataIO’s range of products to increase profitability, enhance their audience’s experience, and optimize their offerings by leveraging real-time data, unique predictive insights, plug-n-play widgets, and more.

Engage & Retain
Make the most of your users’ experiences
Become a one-stop-shop for your users' pre-game research by providing not only what they are looking for, but new and differentiated product experiences as well, ensuring they stick around longer and keep coming back.
Game Feeds to create live in-game user experiences
BAKER Engine trends to create user-specific supporting snippets for preferred teams, players and market types
Player Feeds and Matchup Feeds to enhance pre-game storytelling leading up to game time
News Feeds to supplement editorial efforts
Convert & Monetize
Maximize audience value
Provide users with the odds they're searching for, from the games they care about, via a path of least resistance.
Aggregated Odds Service with deeplinking to power tools and content with real-time prices and low-friction conversion pathways
Widgets to easily add low-code interactive tools with affiliate tracking
BAKER Engine picks, Best Bets, and predictions to add value for premium subscriptions
Save Time & Shift Focus
Spend time focusing on what matters
Your data provider should always be behind the scenes. Our 15 years of experience has given us the ability to offer unrivaled accuracy, timeliness and reliability as part of every product we offer, allowing customers the ability to stop worrying about what they're getting, and get back to focusing on what matters most: building better products, growing audiences, and increasing value.
Dedicated integration and support teams to help when it's needed
Enterprise-grade tech stack to ensure the most uptime
Unlimited API calls means never worrying about hitting a quota

Stay ahead of the competition!

From start-ups to enterprise organizations, SportsDataIO's suite of products are helping companies and industries around the world.