SportsDataIO API Client Library SDK

At SportsDataIO, we are pushing the envelope on ease of client integration. The SportsDataIO API is no longer just another sports data REST API, but we are now publishing SDK (software development kit) or client libraries, which we proudly maintain and support. If you discover issues with any of our SDKs, please contact us at

If you're developing in a programming language that we don't currently offer an SDK for, then you might want to check out our swagger files. Using one of many code generation tools, you can generate an SDK Client Library for your language of choice.

C# .NET Client Library

The first official SDK we published is for C#. You can find our C# class library on Nuget, which makes for easy installation directly from MS Visual Studio.

This C# Library is an absolute dream to work with! No need to fuss with XML or JSON data - all API calls are maps to simple C# functions that return clean, structured C# objects. As we add functionality to our API, we update our SDKs. This makes all the new content available to you immediately upon upgrade via Nuget.

Browse the FantasyData.Api.Client on

You can also run the following command in the MS Visual Studio package manager console to start consuming sports data objects immediately into your application.

PM> Install-Package FantasyData.Api.Client -Version 0.1.0

Node (JavaScript) Client Library

At SportsDataIO, we developed a client library for consuming our sports data APIs. This class library takes care of some of the heavy lifting for you. It is distributed on NPM, so please visit using the link below. Alternatively, if you'd like to access all of the raw source code, we published this library on GitHub for your convenience.

Node Client on GitHub   Node Client on NPM

You can run the following command to install this library from NPM.

$ npm install --save fantasydata-node-client