Getting Started with Sports Data APIs

At SportsDataIO, we maintain the most robust sports data feeds in the industry. In order to start testing the integration, the first thing you'll need is an API subscription key. If you have not already received a key from our sales team, you can get one by signing up for a free trial using the links below. If you're working with a team of developers, we'd recommend making a generic password that you can send to your developers, so they can also login to the same account, and have access to API subscription keys.

Choose the sport that you'd like a free trial for:

Selecting Your Endpoints

Once you know what sports data you’d like to use, you should use our Coverage page to decide which endpoint, or set of endpoints, to use to get the data you need.

For example, if you wanted to build a page showing current NFL injuries, you could look at our NFL Sports Data Coverage page to find a suitable endpoint. Within our Player Feeds, we offer Injuries coverage. You could then select the main Injuries endpoint. You are then ready to call the live API to get the data you need.

Making live API calls

Once you have the free trial, you'll be able to start testing the API by making live calls using our developer portal. The links below will direct you to the live open console in our developer portal.

Please note that some of the data points within the Free Trial are scrambled (scores, stats, odds), while others are accurate (schedules, teams, players). Once you upgrade to a paid production API key the actual scores and game data will flow in unscrambled. You'll find valuable code samples and possible parameter values in the API docs.


Once you have the free trial, you'll be able to start testing the API by making live calls using our developer portal.

At this point, you should have access to the API, and you're making live API calls. Now, it's time to start thinking about the architecture of your system and how exactly you're going to integrate the data. Before making any decisions, please review the Implementation Guide. It explains the ideal methodology to integrating live data feeds. You also may want to have a look at these open source frameworks before you start writing code from scratch.

Please note that these open source frameworks have been generously built and uploaded by other clients, are not supported or updated by SportsDataIO, and may require some upfront work on your end to make fully operational

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