BAKER Predictive Engine

Answer practically any question about a future play, game, season or career.

SportsDataIO’s BAKER Engine simulates every game 10,000 times down to the play level, providing outputs that cover a full range of probabilistic outcomes. Combined with BAKER’s Advanced Query API, users of BAKER Engine can ask and receive answers to practically any question about a future outcome, whether it be at the play, game, season, or career level.

Full Range of Outcomes
Get averages, probabilties and histograms from the full range of 10,000 simulations.
Updated Continuously
The simulations are re-run within minutes of breaking news for injury and depth chart changes.
Query Anything
Our API lets you query any stat for any player at the game, half, or quarter level including "what-if" scenarios.
Correlations Between All Players
Our play-by-play simulations automatically account for all correlations between players.
Sportsbook & DFS Operators
Become a market leader
BAKER provides true odds for all game, prop and futures markets, and player predictions for fantasy contests, supporting both standard and exotic markets.
Odds Origination
Contest Creation
New engaging markets for users
Betting & Fantasy Tools
Exceed your customer’s demands
Offer more value, drive engagement by supercharging research tools with BAKER, and provide unique data-driven content to increase subscription revenue.
Best bets/value plays on live odds
Supplemental content with data driven insights
Enhance features on traditional tools with histograms, floor/ceiling projections and more
Retail, E-Commerce, & More
Gain additional insight into resource and merchandise planning
From the likelihood of winning streaks and deep playoff runs, to probabilities of large traveling fanbases ending up at certain bowl game locations, leverage BAKER Engine to aide in resource and merchandise planning so your products and teams are always prepared.
Optimize ticket and merchandise pricing/location
Inventory management & planning
Create fan behavior scenarios from probabilistic future outcomes

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