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Content Lifecycle

Teams, Stadiums, Rosters & Depth Charts

Team, stadium, & player information are updated every couple hours throughout the day. We recommend syncing this information daily or hourly, depending on your needs.


For all sports, schedules are typically loaded within 24 hours of being released. After that, they are updated on a daily basis. We recommend syncing the schedules daily or hourly, depending on your needs.

Scores & Box Scores

For all sports, scores & box scores are updated live as events progress. Common update speeds are within 20-30 seconds of the cable & OTA broadcast, and 20-30 seconds ahead of the online streaming broadcast (although these numbers can vary). PGA & NASCAR are the exceptions, where the coverage will typically be 10-15 minutes behind between the cable & OTA broadcasts. We recommend syncing scores (for today & yesterday) every few minutes. If you have a real-time API with live scoring, you can sync scores & box scores every 3-5 seconds. Technically, you can sync more often than 3-5 seconds, but our API caches all content for a minimum of 3 seconds, so it will not give you better performance to sync more often than 3-5 seconds.


Standings are updated every 10-15 minutes. We recommend syncing standings every 10-15 minutes.

Player & Team Season Aggregate Stats

Player & team season aggregated stats are updated every 10-15 minutes for some sports, and every 2-3 hours for other sports.


Injuries are updated every 5-10 minutes throughout the day. We recommend syncing injuries every 5-10 minutes.


News items are pushed out throughout the day as it happens. We recommend syncing news every 5 minutes.

Projected Player Stats

Projected player stats are generated 7-10 days before game time, and they are updated every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. We recommend syncing projected stats as often as every 5 minutes.


Game odds are updated every few seconds, as sportsbooks can push updated odds at any time. We recommend syncing odds every 5-10 seconds, depending on your needs.

DFS Salaries & Slates

Includes FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo & FantasyDraft
DFS slate & salary information is updated directly from the operators every 15-20 minutes. We recommend syncing DFS information every 10-15 minutes.