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Our prop finder tool allows users to search for any current prop markets (along with your affiliate links stored in the backend!) for a given player, team, or game. Check out the search below for Shohei Ohtani, click one of our additional suggested searches below, or try your own search directly in the tool’s search bar.

Prop Finder Search Suggestions:

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{{ dto.Game.AwayTeam }} {{ dto.Game.AwayTeamName }} @ {{ dto.Game.HomeTeam }} {{ dto.Game.HomeTeamName }} {{ vm.get_date_time(dto.Game.DateTime) }}
{{ league.Key }}
No player props available
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  • You pick the books and set your own affiliate codes! Using our widget dashboard, you can control which books are shown, the order in which they display and the affiliate url to send users to when they click an odd.
  • Find the absolute best odds for props & futures for players, teams AND games!
  • Color coded results to quickly find the player, team or game you're looking for. You can select a league to filter your results and even choose to hide it for league specific pages!
  • Locates the user's IP address and defaults to their state. Additionally, you can override the state and choose to hide the state drop down.
  • The WORLD option for state show alls available sportsbooks that you configure using the widget dashboard.
  • Quickly jump to the prop you're looking for by clicking it's name in the sidebar (hidden on mobile devices)
  • Ability to switch between betting periods for a given prop (Full-Game, 1st Inning, 1st-3rd Inning, etc)
  • Ability to switch between players for a given prop (when searching at the team or game level)
  • Ability to show previous results to see how a player or team has performed in the past for a given prop!
  • Fully responsive – test it out!