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The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More

Bet Tracker Widget Demo

SportsdataIO's Bet Tracker is in collaboration with SharpSports and leverages our new BetLink technology. The widget allows your users to link their own sportsbooks and display bet slips in a compact but informative way. The widget provides an overview of the user's bets and also displays a statistical summary of their betting performance.

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Supported Sportsbooks
The widget is currently displaying sandbox data. The Link Sportsbook button is for demo purposes only. This is public data that is not associated with any individual bettor account.
The popup dialogue allows you to go through the steps, but will not actually link your book.
Clicking the button at the top will change the state of the widget to allow you to link your own sportsbook accounts.
Click the Link Sportsbook button to link your own sportsbook account from one of the supported books above!
Once you link a book, it will be tied to your SportsDataIO account. It can only be viewed by you.
If you come back to this page in the future while logged into your account, you will be able to see your bets again.
Once you link a book, it may take a few minutes for the widget to load all your bets. The more bets you have, the longer this will take.

Please get in touch to discuss how you can use any of our widgets on your web and mobile properties!