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Betting Data: Odds & Trends

SportsDataIO's Betting Data is custom tailored to help the entire US sportsbetting ecosystem, including traders, affiliates, media brands, predictive analytics, and beyond.

  • Pre-match and in-play
  • All props and futures
  • historical odds
  • real time line movement
  • Betting trends & insights
  • Grading / Resulting built in

Aggregated Odds Service

The cornerstone of our Betting Data content offering is our Aggregated Odds Service, which collects, cleans, tags and delivers all betting markets from legal onshore U.S. Sportsbooks. All odds are initially reviewed and tagged by our team of data analysts with the appropriate Market ID to ensure accuracy, then updated in real time with price changes, offering an up-to-the-second price for all published odds across legal states.


All odds per sportsbook, including props & futures
Pre-match & in-play game lines
Opening & Closing lines with real-time line movement
Grading of all current & historical odds, including delta between closing line & outcome
Odds tied to unique Betting Market IDs for easy comparisons
Histotrical Odds

See our Aggregared Odds Coverage for all available sportsbooks and odds markets.

Consensus Odds

SportsDataIOs consensus odds offers a weighted average of all available odds prices into a single odds price to reflect the current aggregate market price for any active Betting Market ID

Our Consensus Odds offer the all the same great features as our Aggregated Odds Service.

Generated Odds

SportsDataIOs proprietary machine learning models generate player and team prop odds for traders, allowing them to automate their pricing engines


Available up to seven days in advance
Real-time pricing updates from new information (injuries, confirmed lineups, etc)
Opening & Closing lines with real-time line movement
Histotrical Odds available for modeling

Matchup Trends & Insights

We take care of all the heavy lifting for packaging all the content users expect to see on a betting match up page and within betting tools


AI-generated betting trends
Public Money
Splits: home vs away, grass vs turf, fav vs underdog, and more
Last (X) match ups records & Standings
Injury reports
Betting preview articles
Check out our coverage overview for full details!

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