The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More
The Gold Standard in Olympics Data Learn More

Betting Data

SportsDataIO's Betting Data is custom tailored to help the entire US sportsbetting ecosystem, including traders, affiliates, media brands, predictive analytics, and beyond.

Aggregated Odds
Collecting, cleaning, and normalizing all prices from US onshore books
We ingest all available markets, including in-play, props and futures, across legal onshore US sportsbooks and normalize them into a single structure that tracks opening and closing lines plus all price changes in between.
Pre-match & In-play game lines
All props & futures markets
Live updates with line movement timestamps
Historical opening & closing lines
Trading Feeds
Helping with modeling, trading, and reducing bad payouts from incorrect data
SportsDataIO helps trading teams with two functions:
Settlement Verifications
Our in-play and final settlement verification feeds bolt onto official data via mapped game/team/player IDs, providing an alert to pause payouts when there's a mismatch for further investigation with the official data provider
Modeling and Trading
Our raw data feeds (historical data, aggregated odds prices and players feed) provide both models and traders additional insights when setting and trading open prices. And our BAKER Engine can be leveraged as a primary or crosscheck pricing engine for both standard and exotic markets such as SGP, Head2Heads, exact scores, and much more
Picks and Prediction
Providing ranked Best Bets across active US prices and general predictions on future outcomes
Our BAKER Engine can answer practically any question about a future event or outcome. Take access to BAKER's Best Bets feed, which provides true pricing, EV and ROI against live odds currency on offer via our Aggregated Odds Service, or get direct access to BAKER and use the Query API to build your own question sets
Best Bets delivers ranked value plays by probability, EV and ROI
Full access grants question building for clients
Simulates every game of the season 10,000 times
All simulations correlated
Matchups, Trends, and Insights
All the sticky content users expect to see on a match up page
We package up all the info that's found on traditional matchup pages and deliver it through a single feed, shortening development sprints for building mission critical pages for your audience
Live odds comparison & movement
Player feeds: injuries, lineups, etc
Past performance pre-calculated: last X matchups
Visit the Coverage Overview page for full details of feeds available per league and technical documentation

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