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Bet Tracking with BetLink

In partnership with Sharpsports, SportsDataIO offers gaming platforms automated Bet Tracking with our BetLink Technology, allowing users to seamlessly sync their sportsbook's bet slip activity to track real-time ticket results and overall profit & loss data

  • Sync any US legal sportsbook
  • Organizes full bet history
  • Overall Profit & Loss reporting
  • Available via API and Widgets

If you’re building tools for bettors, bet tracking is a must. Keep them from switching back and forth between apps or manually having to input their bets, by allowing them to automatically sync all of their sportsbooks so they can use your platform as a centralized location for a real-time snapshot of which bets they have made (both historical and in-progress) and see overall winning performance & earnings.


Track every type of bet, across every sport, from every legal US sportsbook
Show CLV and other helpful analytics to help your customers improve
Let users share their bets with their community
Filters to allow bettors to easily navigate their bets
Completely Customizable


Customers can choose between integrating our BetLink Technology via an API, or seamlessly deploy the technology using our Bet Tracking Widget

Are you registered with any US sportsbooks? Give the technology a test drive by syncing your own account through our demo widget. .

Bet Tracker Widget
Bet Tracker Widget
Bet Tracker Widget

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