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Turnkey Data Integration (IPaaS)

SportsDataIO’s Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) allows customers to accelerate development and product launches by up to 4 months

  • Available for all leagues
  • Reduce development by 2-4 months*
  • Instantly add new sports to your app
  • Full managed data ingestion & backend hosting

SportsDataIO’s Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offers an off-the-shelf pre-built and hosted backend database that is fully integrated with SportsDataIO’s API and data feeds, giving you the ability to immediately start connecting pre-built data flows to your web apps front-end.

An ideal for MVPs/greenfield projects to test market fit before committing dollars to full back-end builds or quickly adding new products & features to existing applications.

With IPaaS you are buying the refinery in addition to the oil.


Accelerate development by up to 4 months*
Save up to $100,000 in development*
Scaling new feeds and new sports takes hours instead of weeks or months
Forget about handling data flow scenarios like game cancellations, player movement, etc


Compatible with all SportsDataIO leagues & API data feeds
Compatible with AWS (ask about Azure or GC)
Consists of databases, hangfire, and redis which take full advantage of AWS
Everything packaged in a Docker Container to make shipping easy
Full hosting available

Get in touch to hear about successful IPaaS case studies and to schedule a demo.

*Based on case studies involving 3 successful new app builds in 2021.

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