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SportsDataIO's unique combination of content feeds and products allows us to offer custom-tailored solutions to those building next-generation fan engagement platforms. Throughout every event's lifecycle: pre-game, to in-game, to post-game, the possibilities are endless. Read on to learn how we are helping companies improve engagement with their fans

Bud Light

Heading into the 2020 NFL season Bud Light and their marketing agency approached SportsDataIO with a challenge: How can Bud Light generate the camaraderie of a Super Bowl squares pool at a nationwide scale? The answer was a slick user interface powered by SportsDataIO’s real time scores and schedules. And due to the changes from the impact of COVID, Bud Light was able to engage with their national audience confident that the myriad of ad-hoc schedule changes were reliable for their campaign, and the scores were fast & accurate to grade their users’ square choices. So successful was the NFL campaign in 2020 that Bud Light has decided to continue the engagement engine for future seasons and expand coverage into NCAA college football.

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Xfinity's reach in the media space is unrivaled. Their X1 entertainment multiplatform offers media consumption tools that allows users to access saved, live and on-demand content from multiple streaming devices and OTA connections. In partnership with GameOn, SportsDataIO was able to deliver their game feeds and generated odds to power the white label engagement engine which was rolled out to a large number restaurants and bars throughout SportsDataIOs hometown of Philadelphia. The data feeds were used to create trivia questions that enabled patrons to compete against one another before and during live sporting events by answering questions about what was happening next, and generating points and prizes for winners. The questions and results of users were overlaid on top of live broadcasts powered through Xfinity's X1 entertainment platform. The result was an immediate value-add for those establishments to offer their patrons and a clear test for what the Xfinity's X1 platform was capable of.

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